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Adapt and Overcome

If I had to give someone a few words in response to 2020 and the Covid-19 and how many are surviving in our "New Normal" they would be adapt and overcome. At Merea we have had to adapt to one on one classes, helping to meet some of the physical needs of our participants by giving out food boxes, hygiene products, and even delivering some to their doors. The new room fragrance is hand sanitizer and the extra exercise each day is the walking back to your car to get your face mask because you forgot it. We have zoom meetings and trainings instead of in person meetings where we get to connect and socialize with each other. BUT, slowly we hope that as more are vaccinated we can start to come back together. More and more are in need of a place to help give them a hand up but resources are limited. One of many things that are becoming clearer is the need for short term housing, food for homeless, and a comprehensive resource guide to services offered in our community.

One of the things I would like to see happen at Merea is to have a pack of 1-2 days worth of food to give to homeless travelers. If you have no place to cook a can of beans or corn will not help. Something like protein bars, peanut butter, crackers, pop top canned meat, with a few basic hygiene items. I have seen a large increase in those in need of temporary shelter and food. That is something that we do not have at our disposal or know where to send them except for hours away from us. Please help us pray for and create new resources for those who are food and shelter insecure. Many are afraid to help or don't know how to, please call and talk to me about how you can safely help at Merea Ministry there is a place for you.

As we march into 2021 we want to be a light to those who need it, a hand up to those reaching out for help, and we want to share that blessing with you as we continue to minister and support those seeking help here at Merea.

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