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Job Search

Searching for a job can be stressful and knowing how to search can ease that stress a bit. Recently I was browsing looking for job opportunities for a participant and came across this information at this link. 12 Job Searching Strategies That Work | Here are the 12 stratagies follow the link for more details: Be selective with your search.

  1. Maintain a strong digital presence.

  2. Customize your application.

  3. Learn a new skill.

  4. Network regularly.

  5. Participate in job fairs.

  6. Visit company websites.

  7. Leverage your current relationships.

  8. Use a headhunter.

  9. Join a professional organization.

  10. Bypass human resources.

  11. Look offline.

A few of these have been sucessful for me when helping someone. Networking is one of the best, word of mouth if your a teacher looking for a job other teachers are the ones that have the information about their school districts and possible openings. If your looking for a job in the manufactoring industry you wouldn't ask your dentist if they knew of any openings, you would ask someone who works in that industry.

Another one of the stratagies that I have found helpful is "Leverage your current relationships. Not only is it who you know that may have job information is that those who know you know your character, hopefully your work ethic and would be a great reference for you when it comes to applying for a job. This could be a double edge sword as well if you have a reputation being late to work, quit without notice, or lazy on the job. Our history follows us on social media, from job to job, etc. be careful how you present yourself. If foul language, vulgar posts, or things that put you in an unfavorable light it may cost your professionally. YES employers check social media it does make a difference.

Here is what says are the top job posting sites of 2022 10 Best Job Posting Sites of 2022 |

I hope that this helps a little if your looking for a job. Know that Merea Ministry is here and we can help you take a look at your resume or help you create one, help with interview techniques, and possibly help you put together an outfit that presents the image you want your potential employer to see, contac us if we can help 662-578-4928.

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