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William Arthur Ward once said, "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." Isn't that the truth! If someone has been a blessing to us, we need to express it. One blessing in my life besides my family and church is Doris Knight, the current Executive Director at Merea Ministry. This lady has worked so hard from the beginning of its existence, trying to help women get to a place of self-sufficiency and sharing her love of Christ with those she comes in contact with. If you haven't been hugged by Mrs. Doris or your kids adopted by this sweet lady you have missed a blessing. She has been the face of Merea Ministry, she has worked tirelessly to recruit volunteers, mentors, prayer warriors, and funding for Merea Ministry, Inc. to help pay the bills, purchase class materials etc. all on a volunteer basis. There are many I can mention across the years that have been along side us here at Merea who has served on our board, has worked tirelessly on fundraiser etc.

Something we should do everyday but going into this week of Thanksgiving holidays do you have someone you need to thank? Show someone you see their sacrifice today and thank them for what they do. Doris, THANK YOU! for everything you have given, sacrificed, and poured into Merea for over 20 years.

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